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2022 closed with relief that both the state and the town have terminated the contracts with Respler Homes, LLC, for the purchase and development of the Mystic Oral School property. 2023 starts with the hope that there will be a proper request for proposal (RFP) process for the development of the Mystic Oral School property. MOSA will continue as a group to advocate for reasonable development of the property and for a transparent  RFP process involving all interested individuals and groups.

Unfortunately, as the documents below show, Respler has not completely 'left the stage', so to speak. The Town Manager has caught wind of the possibility of the State still considering the sale of the property to Respler. As a result, the Town Manager  and has written to the governor expressing the Town's disagreement with that possibility without a new proposal process and filed a freedom of information (FOI) request for any recent correspondence between Respler and the State regarding the Mystic Oral School property.

Town of Groton Letter to Governor Lamont, Mystic Oral School Purchase Agreement, dated 6 January 2023

Town of groton Freedom of Information Request to the State of Connecticut

Below is a link to the article in the New London Day, dated 28 November 2023, titled "Groton to update Plan of Conservation and Development". The article discusses the intention of the town to update the Plan of Conservation and Development as required by the state every 10 years. It was last updated in 2016.  Town officials have said that they will seek neighborhood and organization input as to the goals for the updated plan, mentioning the Mystic Oral School property and discerning how it might be re-used with neighborhood and town input.



Below are some recent photos of the Mystic Oral School property. The fear earlier in the year that Respler was making a comeback through the state was unfounded. That is not to say that we should relax our focus on what is happening with the property.

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